The Ultimate B2B Lead Generation Machine is your hub for leads and sales, using our powerful sales engagement tool through LinkedIn automation and email with experts to get the best results.

50,000+ Meetings booked

1000+ Clients served

50+ Sales experts

How our Service works​

Simplifying your Outreach and Generating More Leads Automatically

1. Onboarding and setup

Once you've signed up you will be directed to the onboarding and setup section on our platform. Here you will complete your desired campaign setup information and connect your Linkedin and Email accounts. Our Campaign design specialists will identify the best prospects and verticals for your product/service by building a target list and powerful outreach messaging to attract HOT leads and secure high value booked appointments for your business. Campaign design usually takes 1-2 business days.

2. Your campaign starts

Once your campaign starts, Mark18 will begin engaging with your ideal clients into 1:1 direct conversations via your or one of our reps Linkedin/email accounts. Your dedicated account manager and project manager will continue to monitor your A/B strategy, provide weekly reports.

3. You receive your first booked appointment in your calendar & closed sale

Within days or even hours of the service starting, you can expect to receive your first leads and booked calls with your ideal clients who are interested in taking the conversation forward.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We define a lead in our company as a prospect who meets your Ideal Client Profile (ICP) criteria with an active interest in your product/service and/ or with the intent for a call/further discussion.
There is no minimum term. We offer our services on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. Quarterly and Annual payments are required upfront, message our support to set this up.

Mark18 offers a dynamic multi-channel strategy for all size companies to generate leads, appointments and convert sales. Mark18 offers a complete all-in-one sales acceleration service for businesses with a unique automated and manual prospecting strategy.

Yes – Mark18requires an active premium or sales navigator subscription connected to your account. This is so we our cloud-based solution and our expert sales team can find key decision-makers and engage in 1:1 conversations through Inmail.

Unfortunately as we cannot guarantee a result with our outreach service, we do not offer a guarantee. Fortunately, because of our expertise and previous successful campaigns we can give you an estimated average of the number of appointments we expect to achieve.

Mark18 has a simple but very effective lead generation and appointment booking strategy. We ask you to submit our onboarding questionnaire with information about the product/service you want to go to market and we then build a bespoke campaign taking 24-48 hours. Once built, we send to you for approval then launch it using our Ai outreach software. 

GDPR doesn’t affect LinkedIn outreach campaigns. We also ensure our email campaigns are fully GDPR compliant by specific protocols led by our outreach team.
With our done-with-you plan we find your ideal customers and provide our tried and tested high response rate templates for the lead generation campaigns so you can be in the best position to generate leads and new opportunities for your business.

With Mark18 you can integrate it with your team on slack and email so you get automated notifications every time a lead, booked call, deal won is generated. You can even export Google Sheets with all campaign data. Get all the important data automatically in real-time with these powerful integrations. Our live lead sheets can be accessed on your pc or mobile via our app.

Mark18 offers 1-2 minimum sales experts working on your campaigns and 1 Dedicated Campaign Manager with our Done for you plans. Our Done With You plans you get access to a Campaign Manager and our Done By You plans you get access to our support team via our Live Chat feature.

Why choose us

Automated and Manual Prospecting

Mark18 offers the most powerful outbound done-for-you service in the world. Mark18 uses a strategic blend of automated and manual prospecting to ensure your campaign is extensive but is also hyper-targeted, to ensure you generate high-value leads and appointments. The benefits of integrating automated and manual is that you can analyse your outbound efforts with data-backed insights, A/B multiple go-to-market strategies and target specific companies with highly personalised propositions.

Dynamic multi-channel strategy

Mark18 offers all size companies the power to grow and increase their sales efforts. Mark18 works for all size and types of B2B companies. Mark18 works with one-man bands who lack the bandwidth to generate leads, appointments and convert sales. Mark18 also works with large sales teams and established companies who want to increase their sales lead generation and booked calls for their sales team.

Go-to Market/ Data-backed Managed Campaigns

Mark18 helps Startups, Mid-sized and Large corporations to generate leads, booked appointments and close sales in local and global markets. Whether you’re looking to increase your leverage in a local market or you wish to expand your leverage globally and explore new markets, Mark18 will fully manage your go-to-market execution. Mark18 is also perfect for companies to test new products in a market and analyse data-backed insights.

Expert Sales Support & Campaign Management

Mark18 offers 1-2 minimum sales experts working on your campaigns and 1 Dedicated Campaign Manager. We have an extra layer of sales experts working on your campaigns so can ensure we attract new sales opportunities for your business.

Integration with CRM, Slack & Email

Integrate Mark18 with your slack and email so you get automated notifications every time a lead, booked call, deal won is generated. You can even export Google Sheets with all campaign data. Get all the important data automatically in real-time with these powerful integrations.

Real-time Reports

We provide reports in real-time, showing all our main actions completed, which the data can be accessed and exported as a PDF or CSV and synced automatically to your CRM.

Trusted by leading companies

CEOs and Sales people from leading companies are using Mark18 in order to attract sales opportunities and always stay in front of their prospects.

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